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Darling in the FranXX

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Darling in the FranXX OP Opening (zaycev.net) 04:03
PGM & The Ladylovers Darling 02:49
The Buttertones Darling, I Need Time but Don't Really Know Why 03:09
The Yellbows Oh My Darling 03:21
The Allisons Darling, Trust in Me 01:54
The Sunny Cowgirls Dancing on the Darling (Live) 03:12
The Grey Gardens Project David Darling 03:02
The Humblebums My Dixie Darling 02:41
In Tua Nua Everybody's Darling 03:36
The Darling Buds Venice 04:52
The Bluegrass Album Band I Believe In You Darling 02:34
The Robert Evans Chorus Away in a Manger 02:07
The Serious Dance Band In the Mood 03:22
The Dubliners My Darling Asleep / Paddy in London / An T-Athair Jack Walsh 02:59
The Karaoke Channel In Your Eyes (Originally Performed by Dan Hill & Rique Franks) [Karaoke Version] 03:00
The Lovin’ Spoonful Darling Be Home Soon 03:33
The Darling Buds Long Day In The Universe (Remix) 04:08
The Coons Peep In A Pot Of Fire 02:17
The Serious Dance Band Serenade in Blue 02:35
The Karaoke Universe Jardin Botanico (Karaoke Version) [In the Style of Michael Franks] 03:13
The Karaoke Universe Without Your Love (Karaoke Version) [In the Style of Michael Franks] 05:11
The Karaoke Channel It's Been so Long Darling (In the Style of Ernest Tubb) [Karaoke Version] 03:28
The Karaoke Universe Eggplant (Karaoke Version) [In the Style of Michael Franks] 03:55
The New World Orchestra Merry Christmas Darling (Karaoke) 03:26
The Techniques I Specialise In Good Girls 02:48
The Darling Buds Long Day In The Universe 04:11
The Mutual Understanding Always True To You, Darling In My Fashion 02:32
The Electric Toilet Goodby My Darling 06:19
DARLING in the FRANXX Ending 5 escape / XX:me [Full] 03:44
The Red Elvises My Darling Lorraine 03:42
The Kossoy Sisters with Erik Darling In The Pines 03:19
The Kossoy Sisters with Erik Darling Down In A Willow Garden 02:34
The Swingville All-Stars Li'l Darling (Remastered 2016) 06:33
The Rasmus Living in a world without you.You told me, my darling, without me, you’re nothing.You taught me, to look in your eyes, and fed me, your sweet lies... 03:47
Alvin Darling In The Arms Of Jesus 05:04
Riders in the Sky Mollie Darling 03:24
Daughter Darling Dust in the Wind 03:29
Gregory Darling Baby in the Rain 04:42
Parkas The Wolves, Darling 06:18
Oh Darling Happiness 02:24
Sarah Darling Till The Truth Walks In 03:26
Somebody's Darling A Catcher In The Rye 03:58
Alvin Darling & Celebration In The Sanctuary 05:42
Plug In Stereo Oh Darling (feat. Cady Groves) 03:05
Prince Darling Nikki (Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, 1985) 04:54
DJ Ksavien The darling in mood 03:56
A Night in Hollywood Darling, This Is Just the Beginning 04:14
Michael Franks In The Yellow House 05:22
Michael Franks In The Eye Of The Storm 05:56
Michael Franks In The Yellow House 12:36
Taj Ahkel Darling, You in the Matrix (Bonus Track) 03:00
Laurie London Darling Sue 02:21
Sigrd Christiansen Darling Billy 03:02
Ken Griffin The Woman in the Shoe (Original Mix) 02:41
Michael Franks The Music In My Head 04:57
Michael Franks The Idea Of A Tree 05:05
Michael Franks The Chemistry Of Love 04:22
Michael Franks The Critics Are Never Kind 05:14
Michael Franks The Question Is Why 04:28
Michael Franks The Cool School 05:45
Michael Franks In Search Of The Perfect Shampoo 04:06
Michael Franks The Chemistry of Love 04:39
Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra I Like You In Velvet 05:16
Chatuye Play, Darling, Play 06:05
Jeff Taylor Darling Nellie Gray / Cindy / Little Liza Jane (Medley) 03:56
Oh My Darling Da di Da 03:40
Tommy & The Nightbeats Come On Darling 02:07
Tab Smith Darling, You're All I Need 02:46
song for Darling of Ear-ring you the best in my life". I you will never forget 04:03
Kittie Die My Darling 02:46
Adam Steele Christmas, Darling 03:03
Heart Oldest Story In The World 03:51
Jimmy Wakely Molly Darling 02:55
Jackie Edwards Lost In The Fifties 03:35
Ameritz Indian Karaoke Darling (In the Style of Usha Uthup,Rekha Bharadwaj) [Karaoke Version] 03:32
Ken Griffin Crying in the Chapel (Original Mix) 02:31
Ken Griffin Turkey in the Straw (Original Mix) 02:25
Michael Franks Tiger In The Rain 04:20
Frank Michael Woman in the Waves 05:59
Michael Franks Tiger In The Rain 04:20
Michael Franks Woman In The Waves 06:01
Michael Franks Somewhere In The Rain 05:54
Frank Sidebottom Anarchy In The UK 01:50
Franks & Deans The Way You Look Tonight 02:38
Franks & Deans The Lady Is a Tramp 02:36
Michael Franks Candleglow 05:43
Michael Franks Waterfall 05:28
Michael Franks Under The Sun 05:24
Michael Franks Christmas In Kyoto 04:48
Michael Franks Underneath The Apple Tree 05:55
Ameritz Countdown Karaoke Darling Pretty (In the Style of Mark Knopfler) [Karaoke Version] 04:20
Relaxing Piano Crew Darling, I Miss You 02:18
Mickey & Sylvia Darling I Miss You So 03:03
Jimmy Thackery & The Cate Brothers Howlin' For My Darling 05:51
McGuinness Flint Dream Darling Dream (BBC Radio 1 Bob Harris Session 4/12/1970) 01:43
Frank Maher and The Mahers Bahers Frank's Jigs In D 02:28
Juanita du Plessis Darling / Baby Blue / Green Green Grass of Home / Islands in the Stream 06:00
General Johnson I'm in Love Darling 02:46
Juha Björninen & The Twilighters Darling Don't Leave Me 03:14
Charttraxx Karaoke Oh Darling (Karaoke Version in the style of The Beatles) 03:18


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